Chiptune Radio: Add some 8-bit to your life!

Chiptune Radio, the Story of an Unskilled Developer


Years and years and years ago on a wet and miserable British afternoon, I had the idea of taking all of my favourite video game and chiptune radio stations and slamming them into one handy app.

It was called Gamer FM and it was terrible.

At the time I was a fairly inexperienced App Developer (I still am to be fair) and although to begin with it did exactly what I wanted it to, the lack of live station updates became the app’s downfall. Seeing as I didn’t know how to host the station info on a server and fetch it via the internet, every time a station went down or was taken over by Flamenco music (happened a lot, honestly) I had no choice but to update the entire app as the station URLs were hardcoded. Back then, it could take Apple 2-3 weeks to approve an update so it didn’t take long for my customers to become fed up and abandon the app altogether, soon after they all went, I abandoned it too.

Rebuilt and Relaunched

Then, a few months ago, I felt a burst of creativity and I relaunched Gamer FM.

The new version featured live station updates, a better interface, track and station info and album artwork provided by I was super pleased with it but something just didn’t feel right. The name. Gamer FM didn’t really capture the spirit of the app which focused primarily on Chiptune and Retro stations. Therefore it failed to capture its intended audience.

This week the app relaunched again as Chiptune Radio. At the moment it’s only available on iOS but I do plan to release an Android version in the near future.

It’s completely free (with ads although a small fee will remove them) and it’s awesome. At present, there are 24 stations and I do my best to keep them updated and working. I’m always looking for new stations to add in so if you have a favourite that I’ve missed them drop me an email¬†and I’ll see what I can do.

You can download the app here

Station List: