WebApp Kiosk MDM User Guide

WebApp Kiosk is the perfect way to use your Web Apps or web pages in Kiosk mode on iOS via MDM.

Via MDM a managed iOS device can set an app up as a Kiosk app on an iPad or iPhone. This is great unless you don’t have an app. Unfortunately webclips saved to the iOS homescreen cannot be used in Kiosk mode because they do not have a unique app identifier. This means you are limited to displaying your site or Web App in Safari which leaves the device vulnerable.

With WebApp Kiosk. You can setup any Web App or webpage in Kiosk mode by configuring the desired web page using an MDM config file pushed to your managed device.


By default the app is set to display this user guide. Using your MDM platform, install WebApp Kiosk to your managed device(s) and then add the following to a configuration .plist file and push it to the device(s).

The layout of your config file should appear as below. Replace the URL with the site/web app you wish users to see.

You can add additional strings and values to adjust the app further:

  • enablePinch with a value of YES or NO will enable and disable Multitouch
  • refreshInterval with a whole number value will refresh the page every N number of seconds that you specify.
  • enableKeyboardFocus with a value of YES or NO will enable or disable Keyboard Focus on first launch. This is useful for card readers or input devices on managed devices with no user access.
  • LoadDelay with a whole number value will delay the loading of the webpage in seconds.


Download WebApp MDM Kiosk here.